DataGEM Desktop Tools enable You to browse, query, analyze, copy, compare, export and visualize Information from ODBC databases. Save commonly used queries, results, charts, exports and comparisons for reuse and scheduling later to save time and increase productivity.


DataGEM contains the following tools. Click on a tool to get additional information.

Data Visualization Development

Active Script Job and Chart Scheduling on your Desktop!

SQL Query Development

Table and View Data Comparison

Table and View Data Import

Table and View Data Browser and Editor

ActiveScript Job and Run Management


Innovations, technology, components and design elements that truly make DataGEM a leader in database analytics.

Table and View Data Comparison
Compare data in tables and views with ease and display easy to read results that can be saved to Excel for testing and auditing purposes. Automatically generate a sync script to bring the comparison table in sync with the reference. Even perform these comparisons across servers quickly and easily.
Unparalleled Flexibility and Productivity
Achieved through simultaneous connections to multiple tools, servers and databases.
“Easy as Pie (Chart)!” Visualization Development
3 step wizard walks you through transforming query results into powerful and insightful visualizations.
SQL Formatting
Consistent, customizable formatting that can instantly beautify the ugliest SQL mess.
DataGEM ActiveScript Job and Run Management
DataGEM ActiveScript jobs and runs are easily managed within this point and click GUI. Just a few clicks is all it takes to browse, open, review, edit and execute previously created ActiveScript jobs and runs.
Tool-based Design
The DataGEM tool-based graphical user interface is designed to help guide users to the specific tool for a specific task or set of tasks common to warehouse query and analytics. In doing so, it helps to support and promote a multi-tasking, more productive and collaborative work environment. Many experienced professionals have adopted it as their must have in working with database analytics on a day to day basis.
Fast and Simple Data Display and Editing
Database table and view data display using a familiar, spreadsheet-like document interface that supports multiple document browsing and editing. Quickly retrieve and edit table data with ease. Advanced filter, edit and export features also provided.
Tool-to-Tool Integration
The DataGEM environment is designed to help get you to the right tool for the job by providing toolbar buttons that enable context aware loading of information from one tool to another.
Multi-Threaded Architecture
Compare tables on one server while executing SQL against another with this feature and take your productivity to another level.
Advanced SQL Query Development Environment
A complete, very sophisticated SQL editor with advanced editing features like colored syntax highlighting, formatting, line numbers, bookmarks, automatic outlining and more.
SQL Helper
Common object and attribute information browsing with drag-n-drop instant SQL command generation.
Data Browser
Quickly browse selected table and view information with this handy feature.
Schedule Desktop ActiveScript Jobs and Charts
Quickly schedule and define execution parameters for ActiveScript Jobs and Charts by using Desktop Scheduler’s Schedule Job dialog within JobTool and ChartTool.
Results Export
Available throughout the product that provides exporting results to the most popular formats including Excel.
User Customizable Connection Navigator
Take advantage of this unique feature to create and save connection information utilizing inheritable folder properties that make it a snap to copy and modify almost any aspect of a database connection.